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We offer dentistry with the highest standards to you and highly value aesthetical care for your teeth to ensure your general well-being all around.

Aesthetic dentistry

Even Charlie Chaplin already knew that a day without a smile was a day lost. Thanks to state-of-the-art treatment methods in the field of aesthetic dentistry, we tend to your perfect smile!


Veneers (wafer-thin ceramic shells) offer a great way to beautify your teeth and perfect your smile. The virtually minimal-invasive operation is gentle on the healthy dental substance, as less dental substance has to be polished than with a complete ceramic crown, for example.

Inlays, crowns and bridges

We work with high-performance materials for inlays, crowns and bridges that especially impress with their great tolerability and stability as well as optimal wear comfort and ultimately offer an optimal aesthetic result.

"Giving someone a smile means loving yourself."

Wilma Eudenbach 

Aesthetic orthodontics

New methods in aesthetic orthodontics permit a therapy today, that has few to no restrictions in aesthetics, comfort and quality of life. Using Invisalign and Inman aligners, we offer two especially effective methods to correct tooth misalignments.

Invisalign system

The Invisalign system is a revolutionary treatment method, which, using crystal-clear, ultra-thin synthetic tracks (aligners), allows us to correct tooth misalignments virtually invisibly and comfortably. By replacing the tailor-made tracks in a rhythm of 2 weeks, the teeth are moved bit by bit. The aligners can be removed during meals or for special events, which reduces the restrictions placed on life quality to a minimum.

Inman aligners

A further alternative to conventional braces are the so-called Inman aligners, which are used in the frontal area in aesthetic orthodontic treatments. In most cases, the duration of treatment can be concluded in 6 to 16 weeks and can be individually adapted to your lifestyle

"Prevention is better than healing."


Professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning forms the basis for any long-term and aesthetic concept of a therapy. This does not only serve the continuous cleansing and high-polishing of the teeth but is also a precondition to maintain healthy teeth.

By means of a consistent, extensive and regular clarification, existing problems are treated and new illnesses can be avoided prophylactically.

Professional dental cleaning by our specially trained dental hygienist does not only serve the cleansing and upkeep of your teeth’s health, but also contributes to the maximum utilisation of the service life of veneers, inlays, crowns and bridges.


Gleaming white teeth let you appear groomed, young and energetic. A smile that promises vitality and charisma will definitely have an impact on your personal and social success.

In the course of time, your teeth will increasingly darken – on the one hand conditioned by the natural ageing process and on the other by enjoying teeth-discolouring substances such as coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco. Discolouration that cannot be removed by a professional dental cleaning can be gently and effectively removed using bleaching. In all these cases, bleaching allows a way to gently brighten individual teeth or entire rows of teeth and gives you a radiant smile.